Please don’t leave me without saying goodbye

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Come on Radim

I do not feel like talking about the game last night. So instead I present “Come on Radim” sung to “Come on Eileen”. What can I say? Yotesgurl and I get bored at time and make up songs. Her latest? “Who let the dogs out? Pru Pru Pru”. So without further ado….

Poor old Robert Lang
Looked sad upon the hockey rink
He moved a million hearts in the Czech
Our mothers used to skate along who’d blame them
You’re grown, so grown, now I must say more than ever
Come on Radim
Toora loora toora loo rye aye
And we can cheer just like our fathers

Come on Radim, you need a goal
At this moment, you need to score
With you in that sweater my thoughts I confess
Verge on scoring
Ah come on Radim

Come on Radim
These people round here wear Red Wing sweaters
not coyotes jerseys
Resigned to their home team still
But not us, no not us
We are far too young and fast
Radim I’ll skate this line forever

Come on Radim, you need a goal
Ah come on, let’s beat this team already
That pretty red sweater Radim (get a goal)
Ah come on lets
Oh come on Radim

We are far too young and fast
and things wont ever change

Come on Radim, you need a goal
At this moment, you need to score

You need to score

It’s in the photograph of love

Ok, picture post time again folks. These are some of the pics I took at the LA game. I love the boys in their whites.


Oh Lombo... don't play shy.


Lombo! Look at me! I know you wanna....


Later Doan hit Hanzal on the ass. Hanzal needs to report Shane for sexual harassment.


Lombo, we need to talk. We cannot have you becoming the next Uppy. Please untilt the helmet.


Pru and Sami: I love them.


Awwww Taylor.


Hmmmm... did Pru catch me taking pics of him from across the rink??


Prukins! Come back to my side of the ice. It's much easier for me to find you there.


Pru, "This is my spot. I love camping in front of goalies."




Ok... the last warm-up pic of Pru. I promise.


Awwww Pseudo is always so happy during warm-ups!


My goalie. As bad as it is to say... he was my favorite goalie on the ice that night. 😛


Quick likes to stretch.


Then he stretches some more.


Lombo with the face-off


Lombo on the face-off.


Marty apparently thought Pru was going to score. Or he felt like dancing. I'm not sure which one...


Two of my favorite boys, Jon and Petr.


And last, but certainly not least, another Pru pic! hah 😛

Ok, well I think 20 is enough pictures to torture you guys with. I hope you enjoyed. I know they are a little late but the week was a hectic one. There are no pics from the victory against Chi-town. I was too busy having crazy eye contact with the boys during warm-ups.

Tonight… the Ducks. In Anaheim. It should be a good game!

How I wish you could see the potential, the potential of you and me.

Ahhhh, heard some Death Cab on the ride home, so I got inspired. Because there are still some people doubting the Yotes but I know in my heart that they will do well this season. They will make the playoffs. They will stay in Phoenix. They have sooooo much potential. And really up is the only way they can go after all that we have been through.

I also heard Goldfinger’s Superman and was bouncing around in my car. What a great song to hear when leaving the game cuz you know… my boys are my supermen! Although I did threaten one of the Blackhawks tonight after he was pushing down on my Pru’s neck. 🙂

So, the Coyotes won 3-1. And if I could pick 2 number one stars of the game they would be Marty (the real winner) and Fiddy. Both were amazing defensively. Fiddy OWNS the PK. OMG.

We currently have two rappers. Who came up to join Fiddy? None other than the real Schlem Shady. WHO PLAYED AWESOME! Schlem! I love you!

I also love Sami. That boy has been amazing for us this season. Our defense has really stepped up this year and especially now with Z out for who knows how long. We also saw Sauer. He came and sat in the section next to us for awhile in the third. Please come back soon Sauer. We miss you and love you.

The best moment of the night was Winnik’s Z impression. He went to block the shot and rolled across the ice. It was awesome!

The best fan moment? There were two… the first was when the Blackhawks’ goal was disallowed, the Coyotes fans stood up and cheered. It was nice to see after the Chicago fans were starting to get cocky after that goal. The second was when there was about 30 seconds left the fans stood and cheered for the boys. We may not have many fans right now but the ones we have are solid. They are really behind the boys and I can get behind that.

I am crediting this win to warm ups. It was a bit wacky in warm ups and made me feel a bit uncomfortable. First LaBarbera tried to stare me down but I wouldn’t have any of that. At least he has stopped winking. Then there was the stare-down with Pyatt, which was kind of intense. I blame it on those eyes. They are so amazing looking and to just stare at them is kind of intimidating. Then Pru was looking at us. This is something Pru never does, so it was little weird. And finally Lombo. WTF Lombo? You were in a goofy mood tonight. You were making some faces at me and then when Yotesgurl noticed and yelled, “Lombo” you gave us the eyebrows and a goofy grin. I mean, I’m not complaining. It was fun but I am a bit concerned, as I have never seen you be that playful before.

Whatever you boys did before the game tonight…. keep it up. It worked for you. The game was exciting and so much better then the last two games. But please work on staying out of the box. You are all spending way too much time in the box!

I am trying to figure out who will be benched next game. Mueller was benched and got a goal tonight. Uppy was previously benched and has taken less penalties and scored. Will it be Pru? How about Vrby? Or Pyatt? Tonight the scratches were Korpo and Boeds. Will Boeds be sent down? Will he be given another chance? So many ways Tippett could go.

Next up… the Ducks. In Anaheim. Big game boys. Let’s make sure they know we still aren’t ok with them taking out our Captain. Let’s make sure the douche-bag really gets the message again. He will just be back after his two game suspension for that hit so I am sure he will be hungry.

Aiight, time to sign off and go watch some Project Runway.

Talking to my shadow, he advised me not to worry said, I should plant my tree and let it rise out of the fury

I am planting my tree. I am furious at how the boys have played these last two games.

And all the stupid penalties? MY LORD. We need to figure out why those boys are loving the sin bin right now. (ok… Yotesgurl and I might have figured it out. We heard Pru keeps his juice boxes in there)

I could barely watch the game for the first 40 minutes. Then we played like an exciting 10 minutes and then sucked for the 10 minutes. Ugh, I can’t think about this anymore.

Aiight. I am done, going to bed.

California here we come right back where we started from

The boys took a hit against the Kings Monday night.

One thing I noticed was how people put LaBarbara up on such a pedestal after his play a few games ago and now they are practically asking for his head. I was not happy with this signing and I knew that he wouldn’t always play amazing but I will say the loss to LA was no entirely LaBarbara’s fault. That loss was a team effort. I can’t think of one player that was amazing Monday night but I can think of a lot of guys that just weren’t quite there.

I said it at the start of the season…. the team to beat would be LA and people laughed at me. They said, “Yah right”. And I just kept saying we had better watch out. They are quite similar to us in where their rebuild is at and they are hungry to win.

I believe part of our problem could be that we only had about 17 SOGs at the end of the 2nd. That is not going to get you 6 or 7 goals. You need to keep shooting at the net boys, eventually it will go in. And those 17 shots we did take? They were pretty weak.

We spent way too much time in our own zone. When we finally would get control of the puck we’d sit in the neutral zone because we couldn’t penetrate the King’s zone.

There was just poor effort all around. Jovo was back to his damnjovo self. What happened to the Jovo I was cheering for against the Ducks? Can I have him back? He might actually be worth 6 million/season.

I took some great pics. I will try to get them up soon.


In other news Boedker was recalled today. Scottie was injured in the Kings game and may be out for a few games.


And finally, seems the Flyers have a bout of the flu. Get well soon boys! I need you all here and healthy on 11/21. I would be very disappointed if I didn’t get to see you all play!


Aiight, time to pay attention to the Colorado/Coyotes game. Boys are stinking it up again. We are down 1-0 after the first. Booooooooooo

The Luckiest

My friend has decided that I am not allowed to go to Kings at Coyotes anymore. Apparently mu love of Jon Quick makes me his lucky charm and the Coyotes lose.

I can’t help it. I love them goalies.

That’s all i got for tonight. I have some pics I will post later (boys looking good in their white jerseys) and maybe a longer post. Now I must get some sleep. Tomorrow is my early day. 😦