The Coyotes had their season opener last night against the Kings. I almost feel bad for the Kings. They lost their home opener 6-3. By the third their arena was looking pretty empty.

I loved that all the scoring came from different players. Vrbata had 2 goals, Winnik somehow got a goal, Upshall, Lombardi and new guy Lang also added a goal.I am glad to see Vrbata back. Tampa Bay just must not have been a good fit for him. I hope he can keep it up all season though..

All three of the Kings goals came on PP. Damn Upshall kept going in the box. He needs to stop that. So this means we really need to work on the PK becuase Scottie can’t keep himself out of the box, as he got 3 out of the 5 penalties.

LA’s goaltender Quick has some major potential but he still needs some work. Although the best thing he did all night? He had to play leapfrog over one his players and Scottie. I have never seen a goalie jump like that! Scottie apparently liked to invade Quick’s personal space. He ran Quick down and put himself in the net, instead of the puck. I’ve told the guys before, you don’t get extra points if you go in the net. Two of our goals trickled into the net when Quick wasn’t able to quite locate the puck.

Yes, we put 6 past Quick but Bryz wasn’t amazingly good. The post and cross-bars were Bryz’s BFF last night! After the first Kings goal, I got worried. I was hoping he wouldn’t fall apart. He didn’t do too bad but he looked a little more sloppy after that. Burke… we need you to get in Bryz’s head and fix it. He let in one goal, no biggie. It happens to the best of them but it shouldn’t get Bryz out of the game as much as it has. I suppose if we can keep getting more goals, it will be ok.

Yes, we beat the Kings. But its the Kings. They are improving but they aren’t the teams we need to measure ourselves against. I am excited we started off with a bang but I am also trying to keep it in perspective. One game against the Kings does not a playoff team make. Hopefully we can keep surprising people. I feel like we have a good team on the ice now. It’s not amazing but it is an improvement from the past few years. The real test will start coming soon enough. We play the Pens on Wednesday and Sabres on Thursday before coming home to battle the Blue Jackets on Saturday. All I can say is “Let’s Go Coyotes!”

Ok, I need to go make some eggs and coffee now. Hockey hangover cure. 🙂


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